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  • Three common mistakes in the maintenance of carki…更新日期:2018-1-15

    Card keno gold stone when use, the most important is the stone material maintenance, because everyday life substances such as acid erodes keno gold stone to stone is damaged, so the card keno gold stone material maintenance is inevitable. However, many friends do not know the characteristics of cag… Detailed
  • A variety of factors have contributed to the cons…更新日期:2018-1-11

    It is important to know that the origin has a certain effect on the price of the carkino gold. In general, different producing areas determine different prices. Like places where is rich in gold card gino is relatively lower price, but output low price is low, it's like jade, also because of the d… Detailed
  • The moss on the stone material casino will affect…更新日期:2017-12-15

    The stone material casino trim by natural stone processing, high hardness, abrasion resistance and beautiful appearance, is the first stone outside the building decoration. There is a building design in the park will use casino stone material, but because it is open, inside the Park Casino Gold gr… Detailed
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