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  • Shandong baoli stone industry co., LTD. To talk a…更新日期:2018-1-12

    Poly stone industry co., LTD., shandong today want to share with you how to maintenance the ash ground, grey hemp is one of the most famous granite in the world, and is widely used in plank, shakedown, countertops and so on various occasions, in use process we need to maintain the grey hemp ground,… Detailed
  • How to solve the problem of Casino Gold appeared …更新日期:2017-12-11

    A lot of time in Casino Gold use process, possibly because of careless caused the oil surface contamination, so once this problem, how do we solve it? In fact, the oil is generally easy to clean, professional deoiling agent in the cleaning process can use some neutral to the surface of the Gold Ca… Detailed
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