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Of stone material conserve three steps, let the stone to restore the original bright effect
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There are two kinds of symptoms of stone disease:
One is because of improper construction methods or without the use of stone protection products, which make the stone attack conditions, such as water, alkali spot etc.;
The second is long-term use due to environmental, atmospheric pollution, stone in some natural minerals produce chemical changes, causing stone from rust, fade, back light.
Stone maintenance three steps:
After a variety of skills to restore or close to the original stone to restore the original decoration effect. To use 5 years of imported large green stone as an example:
The first step, the stone surface wipe clean, remove the dirt into the interior of the stone, after brushing the rust remover. Marble rust remover, rust removal effect is slow, heavy rust must be approved by the local 5 cleaning can remove. If time is short, can use granite rust remover, it on the stone stone have corrosion effect, thus causing a less diluted 1 times above can be used, severe rust only with two times can be cleared.
The second step with water to clean the surface of the stone to stone, stone drying, preparation of colorants. The big flower green stone as an example, the black and green two colorants were mixed by 1:0.3, stone coloring and adding 1 times amount of diluent. The use of a diluent is to reduce the concentration of two colorants is the colorant into stone, dark part.
The third step coating colorants and protective agent. Colorant brushing requests uniformly, besmear after standing for 2 hours or more, surface to be dry wipe the surface floating color. Check if the color is not uniform, if it is found that uneven, should be repeated coloring construction. After the judgment is correct, the brush increases the bright type stone material protective agent, after 2 hours to clean the surface floating liquid. Stone maintenance stone disease integrated management, not only to the old stone for, is equally applicable to the installation of stone, such as device of stone color is large, color processing.
Also, such as stone processing, will be light colored stone into yellow, red, green, black, etc.. Stone comprehensive management because of stone varieties, disease conditions and determine. Prior to the construction of a thorough investigation, thorough consideration, the experiment fully, reasonable skills, detailed program, so as to achieve the best management effect.

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