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Stone protection need to be careful Do not blindly maintenance
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With the development of stone conservation engineering practice, maintenance technology greatly enriched. Maintenance theory also emerge in endlessly. All sorts of theories are based on conservation practice analysis and solve various problems and phenomena, has its rationality and applicability, also has its one-sidedness and conditionality. Stone conservation practice in the near future, some new problems has formed some new point of view, summed up as follows.

One, stone protection in wood construction

Will find protective agent in the engineering practice of some kinds of stone protective effect is not good. Eliminate improper construction and production failure, the most likely reason for this is not the right stone chemicals for protection. Such as granite and marble because of its mineral composition and chemical composition, the formula with protective agent is endless also and same. Even if the same kinds of stone, also because of the different density and chemical composition to increase or reduce the concentration of the organic silicon resin. Such as sandstone protective agent in the concentration of the organic silicon resin will be higher, higher hardness and density of granite or marble protective agent in the concentration of the organic silicon resin will be lower. So when stone maintenance construction must by material condition, through material construction. According to different stone with different chemicals and different construction process. This is that much more illustrates the necessity of building stone conservation database. Like the foot compiled a dictionary or an encyclopedia stone conservation. Before the maintenance construction through refer to choose the right chemicals and construction methods, according to the party, not only can effect significantly, can also save the annual cost.

Second, not all natural stone material need protection

If in ten is only waterproof and alkali, and construction of some high hardness, high density of stone material can not do. This also applies to some coarse grained granite. Such as in the igneous rock zhongtong cold and slowly to get the coarse magmatic rocks, large pieces of quartz is very much, this is very low density of the surface of the quartz water and other pollutants is not in. That the theory is the association of American international stone conservation experts through verification and approval. What type material which need protection which don't need to test method is in the marble stone polished surface, a drop of water or vinegar, on the surface of the granite polished if dry without water spot after 5 min, or vinegar residue, the varieties of marble or granite can not do. Production of fujian province "safe" jade marble is basically the situation.

Three, selection of natural stone floor shop is no smooth stone material, the wool surface leveling after renovation, then artificial curing

The floor shop outfit is chosen smooth stone pavement directly, then there is the leveling renovation, equal to repeat the polishing process, the high cost. Right after the effect of the method is to select good smooth stone, go to buy wool surface specifications board, and then to shop, leveling, renovation and maintenance. This can greatly reduce the cost. This method has already been used in engineering practice in foreign countries, in domestic has not been applied form, mainly stone consumers and construction enterprise separation, don't agree on the idea. The high cost of fully borne by consumers.

Although benefits a lot, but this method is suitable for small color difference only commonly, no texture of granite stone, for many with texture of marble, because there is a layout problem, should still use traditional methods to do so, good design, and then to the construction.

Interior decoration stone because from sunlight, wind, the effects of acid rain, fog, snow frost. So the protective effect of a longer duration. A relatively small effect on the service life of the protective chemicals. From reducing indoor decoration pollution and reduce the cost, can choose cheaper water-based protective agent. But such destructive strong between the kitchen and bath environment it is recommended to use solvent protective agent.

Fourth, rusty spot and spit yellow to distinguish, not all simple rust remover used

Most of the time the stone material of macular mistaken for rusty spot. Generally a rusty spot iron, use the rust remover can remove. And macular cause there are two general, confused and rusty spot. Filling is a wet stick and stone material, the organic additives in cement through the bottom surface of wool stoma to infiltrate, oxygen in the water under the condition of double bond rupture organic ingredients, color is yellow. This kind of situation in the wet paste filling and white hemp stone are common. Another kind of circumstance is in marble cream-colored classes, alkali spot pan to produce gel layer surface crystallization water absorption, after the change of light refraction makes alkali spot color darker, seems to be "more yellow", is actually at work in the containing water of crystallization of the gel layer, therefore the macula of the causes of these, can't simply use the rust remover to solve. Be symptomatic, otherwise is likely the deal with the bad.

Five import stone care products, not blindly superstition, also do not prejudice on domestic maintenance products

At present foreign brand maintenance is generally regarded as the symbol of high quality products. But its high price affect the foreign brand promotion. Domestic stone brand maintenance products in general, but because of its low price also occupy a certain market share.

Actually these biases from stone conservation knowledge don't understand. Both import and domestic all protective agent, composed of active ingredients and thinner, and additives. This door and domestic no difference. In recent years domestic stone protective agent product research and development and application development soon, in the field of organic silicon monomer manufacturing and resin synthesis has been close to the foreign advanced on the water. In terms of distribution of process and abroad. In the field of construction application is ahead of the foreign countries.

Engineering practice cases show that if foreign protection product choice can cause improper maintenance, failure causes losses to the owner. For example, there are three foreign brands protective agent in the application in the high density, high hardness granite color darker phenomenon occurs. If an optical surface will also have obvious surface residue. If choose high prices strong penetrative organic fluorine and silicone protective agent, won't appear the problem. Caused by the surface residue, white spot, or more often than not the cause of the dark because chooses improper protective agent.

Correct view is stone protective agent should not be in the "import or with production, the price is high or low" as the judgment standard of quality. But should see whether to choose the suitable products for engineering practice. Some engineering chose some protective agent effect is very good, may be just happened to be homebred brand, price cheap, which means the right. Some project took some protection product effect is very poor, the price is very high, may be just happened to be foreign brands. It can explain the choice of protection product is appropriate or inappropriate. The JSC on the market at present, kang, daikin, embellish stone, stone, green angel, cass, etc are all can choose brand.

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