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Stone enterprise how to firmly end market
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At this stage, the stone material profession development gradually become mature, but in the market, price war there will still be that companies are not willing to give up the holiday economic, an infinite cake, in fact, price war is not become old.
The price war is not long.
Consumers to buy building materials, the first concern is what?. All the stone career in the first half of this year is to spare no effort to start the bidding war, whether it is the frequency and intensity of activity is unprecedented. "Big cheap" costs in the first half of stone store hot words.
Price war no matter what career is not a long plan, it is important to reform and innovate from the implementation of the model, the implementation of the channels and so on. Electronic business is the future development trend of stone occupation, this year will continue to deepen research and practice in the development of the electricity business model in the stone, to find the most suitable entry point, to make it bigger and stronger.
Blatantly into occupation demand
In addition to promoting the shopping environment, blatantly become new strategy of this occupation. Building materials network thought, compared to now shopping centres are unrealistically high price, the discount is not clear is very simple to mislead consumers, and blatantly sales will gradually become the mainstream. Commodity lines by subdivision, high-end goods and best-selling products listed before the market through careful study after a reasonable offer.
Stone companies to strengthen internal construction
When consumers have long been accustomed to the weekend size holiday promotions, some stone company began to consider more is ongoing, in product quality and after-sales than kungfu. About this year's market, on the reporter's interview, the majority of stone companies said optimistic about the steady rise". They think that the environment is not the recovery, but the company can start from its roots. On the commercial channels, most companies optimistic about the future development trends, but consumer experience, logistics cost, after the construction security, stone and other professional people in the industry expressed concern about the, of course, "method more difficult.

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