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The silk road stone business opportunities
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Under the future wealth in the Internet and the traditional rivalry, how to get the stone people realized the password? In the new normal, highly innovative, and how the "stone" and "stone?
In this new normal stone economy, we all feel that the stone is not good to sell, including the entire stone industry, from the mine to our factory, from the factory to our terminal. Factor lies in the country's infrastructure is now in a state of saturation, so it can not pull the economy.
Well, I have such an idea. Whether we can not be restricted in the country, we should be to go to the national policy, that is, the country along the Silk Road to expand business opportunities. What is the state of the Silk Road, my understanding is that the Silk Road countries, such as India, we can be composed of ten or twenty, our stone company. Let's put the stone into our capital, the quality of the stone, the stone's beauty, "The Belt and Road" to the countries along the Silk Road to the basic construction of their construction also like we Chinese so beautiful, this is the thing I'm going to do.
In fact, the state to our policy, policy is very clear, that is, around the country along the Silk Road, the basic construction to these countries. Some time ago, the country has also set up sub investment bank, Russia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, India and other countries are the major shareholders of the Asian investment bank. So Asian investment bank is supported by a backing of the silk road infrastructure development, we can not lend this opportunity, to give it a try, to look at next year's exhibition in India, we group together to try, combined with bluestone, there are stone good class together in the past. Do a little work, to prove the way we think is not true.
There are many people dared to stone, I think that is the stone throughout to millions of households, not in order to earn greater benefits but enhance each individual higher happiness, our stone civilization spread to every family inside to, this is what I want to do.

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