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Stone market will move towards intensive branding
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Stone industry has gone through so many years, from small to large, from a single to gather to carry out. As the economic situation continues to change, career access and a critical period of transformation and promotion.
Under the new economic norm, in the past the kind of government investment and real estate investment and real estate industry to carry out the development of the model, will be a new challenge. Stone practitioners to operate in the way, marketing channels, business structure to change.
Stone industry "12th Five-Year" planning outline of the "two to one liter" (industrial restructuring, industrial transport, industrial promotion), just under the new economic normal in the future. The industrial transformation, the stone industry market policy by public works mainly to both the public works and home furnishings; industrial handling is from the traditional stone distribution base (Laizhou, Yunfu, head) to "The Belt and Road, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy of regional transportation. Industrial promotion is starting from the operation mode, product innovation, service mode, transaction structure, promotion channels etc..
Around the two to a liter, the construction of the stone market is bound to be carried out in the direction of intensive, brand. We want to take the transformation and promotion of the wind, toward the building to Internet plus, the whole industrial chain, a new mode of operation as the foundation, into a set of trading, exhibition, research and development, processing, warehousing, logistics as one of the modern stone industrial city. To be sure, this will be the next few years to lead the development of stone professional vane.

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