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Stone enterprises is the key of the ability of market development
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Stone enterprises is the key of the ability of market development

With the continuous progress of science, technology and life, people's purchasing of goods is also in progress, natural stone commodity procurement is also critical, but stone consumers in the twinkling of an eye a stone company after-sales service work.
In the past, to buy home appliances are detached single family to go to the mall to buy, and a piece of a separate buy, now, many promotion methods, consumers to affordable way, several appliance set together to buy, and select holidays or at a discount on the purchase, some even to participate in the online group purchase method. The performance of the modern service promotion, allow consumers to get the best and the most satisfactory products and professional service.
Stone career after years of development, from the past single artificial stone exhibition hall and simply purchasing habits change to today's real samples show and experience in purchasing habits, businesses also try every possible way to increase sales and service. Follow the progress of the consumer spending to understand the role of planning and decorative style have higher requirements, they are in the pursuit of their own personality, special decoration company planning and construction. However, many consumers do not have to do things to decorate the company, high fees, especially in terms of large rebates, so that the owners have a skeptical attitude. Smart owners and even to the mall to understand the market, some consumers are looking for decoration company only as planning and construction, the information from the owner to specify or to the mall procurement, constitute the phenomenon has become widespread.
Stone company is the key to expand effective labor market
In order to reach consumers willingness and many stone businesses began to continuous innovation, both on the goods or on the show may be supporting services have been improved, for the progress in the retail share. To the present, the promotion of stone has a lot of change, businesses in the planning and presentation aspects of the effort, in service and thoughtful and meticulous, so that consumers get "valued" service. They learn to sell their own, began to understand what the consumer needs, began to study the habit of spending and attitude, began to deal with the problem for the consumer, they also come to serve, understand the situation and maintenance guidance.
The author and spend talking to understand: "now the service is much better, originally just wanted to come over and take a look at the goods, but was moved by the true service guide, sometimes not only the sale of success, also make several stone circles of friends." They also say: "sometimes buy goods is to buy services, feeling good buy, of goods actually demand is not so high, the key is to buy time to get each other's warmth and respect, use have people who are concerned with the problem can be dealt with promptly would be satisfied". Through the consumer in mind, we should think of, more than a concern for love, a professional service to have a real return. Stone sales are no longer in the past cold store shopping, it should be full of stone culture, a real show application role, a professional shopping guide and sincere service attitude, so to make stone occupational health development.
Visited each big stone market, found big brand companies to service more attention, polite, deal with actual decoration troubles in the guest's point of view, but most of the small brands is not up to such a role, business quality and show the application is not so satisfactory, service attitude also can not keep up, the ratio of two, clinch a deal the role. As a very competitive stone promotion, in the management and promotion of more efforts, the quality of the business to ensure that service quality is improved, the mall is a good advantage of competition. Only pay attention to the quality of the volume of business and not pay attention to service, perhaps pay attention to service quality of the volume of business and can not keep up, these will hinder the healthy development of the company, only to do a good job in the quality of the volume of business, set up the brand image, the promotion service with go up to the company to assist. Nowadays the most popular service promotion is to buy, it is the set of joy, shopping, food, travel, play as one of the group purchase activities, and it represents the cost of innovation cost method and habits of life. At present, many companies are promoting, the role of a good, suggested that the company in the method of operation more innovation more cost-effective is the ultimate winner, the quality of the stone is the key, but stone company in terms of effective labor to cause attention.

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